Soaring ticket sales on first day of TrueFalse Film Festival

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COLUMBIA - The True/False Film Festival is officially underway, and one thing is definitely true for this year's festival: ticket sales have skyrocketed.

David Wilson, the festival's co-founder said the four-day event sold out of passes faster than in previous years and there are no more passes to sell.

"This year we lost Jesse Hall so we have fewer total tickets to offer, but we definitely have a higher interest in them," Wilson said. "We still have tickets. We started this morning with about 4,000 tickets, I'm sure that number has dropped by now."

Like past years, the queue system is available to people who don't have passes but still want to see a film.

Those interested have to pick a venue and show up an hour before the film's start time, get a "Q" ticket, and then return 15 minutes before the movie. Then, the theatre will start letting people in 5 minutes before the start until every seat is filled.

Each queue is led by a "Q" Queen who helps the process go smoothly. 

Columbia resident Seth Showalter purchased a "simple pass," which allows patrons to reserve films ahead of time. However, Showalter said the films go really quick when they opened. 

"I reserved a bunch of films, however, I don't think I'm going to go to any of the ones I reserved. I'm going to try to use the queue system instead."

Showalter said from his past experience he doesn't think the queue system is reliable. 

"I'm pretty ambitious. I want to see 18 [shows], and that's not going to happen because the queue is not going to work."

Despite possibly not being able to see all the films he wanted, Showalter said he thinks True/False is a great experience.

"It is very cultural. The films really bring out a lot of things that are going on in the world," Showalter said. "And it's really cool that in a city like Columbia we are able to host something that is so cultural and really open our eyes to different things that are happening around the world."

For those individuals who don't have passes, Wilson said he thinks the venues located on MU's campus are the best way to get in. 

"If you go to a queue at Cornell Hall this weekend, I think you have a great chance of going in and watching a really great movie."

Historically venues like the Missouri Theatre, and Big Ragtag are popular places to queue because of the excess seating.  

The True/False Film Fest started in 2004. In its first year, the Missouri Theatre, the Blue Note and RagTag Cinema served as the festival's three venues.

The festival had shown steady growth up until 2014, when weather caused a slight decrease in attendance.

This year there are 11 venues, which is more than the the festival has ever had.

New venues include: Cornell Hall, the Geological Sciences Building and Rhynsburger Theater.

Wilson said each one of the new venues brings a set of new challenges but so far they're all up and running smoothly.