social security number scam

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NEW BLOOMFIELD - A family has received numerous calls from a scammer asking them for their social security numbers because they have been "turned off."

Deborah Briggs said she and her husband, Donnie, received a call last week from the scammer.

"How do you turn off a social security number?" Donnie Briggs said.

The most recent of the calls happened around 8:44 in the morning on Friday.

"This morning I didn't really listen," Deborah Briggs said. "I knew they said they were a social security officer and that our social security number had been turned off. So, that's when I hung up." 

Later that same morning, they received another call from the same number about the same issue. 

"Second time I decided to listen to the whole thing," Deborah Briggs said. "That's when they said, 'I'm social security officer Maria Gomez and I'm calling to let you know that your social security number has been turned off, for some reason, and please call."

Briggs figured that it was another scam, but received a third call that day from that number.

"She said you need to get this fixed right away," Deborah Briggs said. "And it was all automated. There was no live person. "

The Briggs were worried this scammer would not stop the calls, so they called the police to ask if there was anything they could do about it, but police said they had no way to track the scammer.

The same call was made to the KOMU 8 newsroom Friday morning.