Social Services Agencies Say They Need Funding

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COLUMBIA - Boone County Community Services Advisory Commission held a public hearing Tuesday night regarding social services agencies' FY2013 funding request.

About a dozen board members from the commission joined in the hearing in the conference room at the Department of Public Hearth and Human Services. 11 social services agencies including the Family Counseling Center, the Boone County Council on Aging, and Meals On Wheels voiced their concerns.

Jessica Macy, executive director with the Council on Aging, said it used to get funding from the United Way until this year. It had to apply for more money from Boone County because it faces a potential loss of funding from the United Way.

Macy said, there are 15,000 seniors in Boone County and 6 percent of them are under the poverty level. And their agency can keep these seniors in their home safely, and they don't have to go to nursing homes, which cost a lot more.

"If we don't get enough funding, we will serve less people or provide less services," Macy said. "I hope neither of one of these will have to happen."

Doug Crews, Secretary of Meals on Wheels Board of Directors, said they asked for 5,000 more funding for next year. The program suffered a 16 percent funding cut from the United Way this year. Crews said Meals on Wheels needs the money to continue delivering food.

Boone County Community Services Advisory Commission is reviewing funding proposals from all social service agencies for FY2013, and will give the funding results next month.

Social services agencies joined the hearing:

  • Family Counseling Center
  • Phoenix Programs, Inc.
  • Reality House, Inc.
  • Meals On Wheels
  • Adult Day Connection
  • Boone County Council on Aging
  • CHA Low-Income Services, Inc. (CHALIS)
  • Centro Latino
  • Youth Empowerment Zone
  • Voluntary Action Center
  • Job Point 


See the proposed FY2013 social services funding here