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PLEASANT HILL - With the total solar eclipse right around the corner, KOMU 8's weather team wanted to talk with another weather expert about the impacts weather will have during this event and the role the weather community plays in alerting visitors. 
Albert Pietrycha, NOAA National Weather Service science and operations officer, said because of the calendar, to expect hazy, hot, humid conditions, especially for out-of-town guests. 
"The people coming in from cooler areas or drier from the far west need to make sure they have plenty of food and water to stay hydrated during the event. That's something we really pay attention to, to look out for your friends who are not from this area."
Considering it is a once in a lifetime event for many people, Pietrycha said the National Weather Service is closely working with many agencies and emergency services to make sure people traveling near and far distances are receiving up-to-date information.
"We're going to be staffed up for it to help answer phone calls and if the weather were to be bad we'll take care of that. The other part of it is days leading up to it and during and after is where we are already in close communication with many emergency managers to help them manage their resources and what they may or may not expect for contingencies and things like that. We'll be reaching out to them."
Pietrycha said the National Weather Service is already prepared if a severe weather event were to happen in the days before, during or after the eclipse.
"The emergency managers are already ahead and have been for a long time planning contingencies and what to do and where to put all these people, how to get the message out, so they're working on that aspect of it. Where we come in is to get that information to the emergency managers and first responders where they'll take it from there and act accordingly so people can avoid getting hurt and be in the safest possible conditions."
The KOMU 8 First Alert weather team will give up-to-date forecast predictions leading up to the big event; starting Thursday, August 10th during the KOMU 8 Show Me Eclipse Special at 6:30pm on KOMU 8.
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