Soldier Challenges Lease Concerns

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri student, Jonathan Cope, is about to leave for military officer training but he's having issues getting out of his apartment lease.

Cope, who lives at Providence Hill Apartments,  says he was informed around 20 days ago that he will be deployed on May 22nd to Fort Benning, Georgia.

Under the current law he needs to give his apartment company, DBC Rentals, 30 days notice that he will terminate his lease contract. 

"We follow the military leave act. It is a federal law and we follow it very closely. And we do it proudly so," said DBC Rentals Owner Christopher Stormer.

Cope says he understood the law, but hoped that there was another way to handle the situation.

"I guess, in the whole situation, I kind of expect more empathy for someone who is serving their country. The gentleman, Christopher Stormer, informed me that he appreciated my service, however I was still required to pay an entire month's rent in which I wouldn't be in the apartment," said Cope.