Solidarity Rally 1/19

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COLUMBIA - Dozens of marches and rallies were held across the nation Saturday, including one in mid-Missouri.

This weekend marks the third Women's March held around the world and the third Solidarity Rally held here in Columbia. The rally at the Missouri Theatre gave community members a place to come together and share their opinions on issues they care about.

Local bands and poets performed pieces about progress and privilege.

Speakers and people who attended the rally touched on issues like climate change, gender and racial inequality, wealth disparities, and immigration. Several attendees and speakers said they take issue with the Trump administration.

"We have been treated really bad by the Trump administration, and when I say we, I mean American citizens and foreigners, too," said Blanca Kelty, who attended the rally.

Equality and empowerment were big takeaways from Saturday's rally.

"Equality means everyone has a seat at the table, those of us who have been there need to take a step back and listen," said Kate Canterbury of CoMo for Progress.

Canterbury said people can feel distant from things going on in Washington, but they can still make a difference in the community.

"Find your passion. Find a group that's involved with it," Canterbury said. "I guarantee there's a group in mid-Missouri that works on the issue you care about."