Some counties stay-at-home orders still in place

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SLATER - Some counties are still under stay-at-home orders while other counties across the state are relaxing their policies to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Saline County, which is considered to be a hotspot for the virus, has its order in effect until Sunday. The county health department is encouraging businesses to come up with a plan for soft openings, which include having no waiting room for people inside buildings.

The department said all dine-in options will remain closed until May 16.

Saline County had over 200 cases as of May 5, 2020. It's more than double the amount of cases in Boone County, even though Boone County's population is more than three times larger than Saline County.

Cen Perez, who works at Las Margaritas in Slater, said the order hasn't had much effect on his businesses but he normally sees a larger crowd during Cinco de Mayo.  

“I want everyone to be safe so right now," he said. "Because the situation right now is not really good.”

He said he's excited to open his dining room soon.

Debbie Hager, a customer at Las Margaritas, said she's been spending less time with her family because of the virus. She said she's trying to stay home more during the pandemic.

"Normally I would go out and go shopping at Target, Pennys, whatever," Hager said. "And with stores not being open, everything is online."

She's excited for the lockdowns to end so she can reconnect with bigger groups.