Some graduates concerned about job market

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COLUMBIA - Students proudly smile for pictures in front of iconic University of Missouri landmarks after graduation Friday.

But for some, there may a cloud of doubt looming over their heads as they leave the comfort of the university and enter the real world. 

According to The Bureau of Labor statistics, 12% of college graduates between the ages of 20-29 were unemployed in 2011. 

Men who earned a bachelor's degree had an unemployment rate of 16% compared to that of women who reported 11% unemployment. 

Some MU graduates know where they will be in the coming months but others are figuring it out as they go.

MU senior Josh McCay studied marketing at the Trulaske College of Business, and he's still looking for his first job out of school. 

"Right now my plan is to just move back and get settled and continue to look for jobs. I've been doing that for the past month or so but just continue to look for jobs and hopefully find something soon."

Commencement ceremonies will be happening at different times and locations throughout the weekend. 

This weekend marks graduation for The University of Missouri, Stephens College, and Columbia College. 

MU will award 2,570 degrees this weekend, as well as recognize 276 honors graduates and present former Columbia Mayor, Darwin Hindman, with an honorary degree. 

Hindman advocated for Missouri parks and recreation during his time at mayor. 

There will be a live stream of ceremonies for the University of Missouri online and in Keller Auditorium.