Some Hartsburg businesses want you to know

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HARTSBURG – Businesses in Hartsburg says they are progressively losing business since the flood.

“Everyone is saying we are completely under water and drowned out, and stay away from us because of the roads,” restaurant owner Andrew Haller said. “But on this side of the Katy Trail we are completely dry and we’ve been dry.”

Haller said people must not realize Hartsburg is open for business, and that shouldn't be surprising given how the flooding's being described.

Haller said his restaurant, 35th on Main, has lost 50% of its business since the Katy Trail closed a couple of weeks ago. His lunch lunch business mostly relied on bicyclists and visitors to the trail.

“Business was starting to pick up really well, then, once the flood hit and really knocked out good chunks of the Katy Trail, we significantly lost that traffic,” Haller said.

A Hartsburg bar said it's losing out for the same reason. 

“We aren’t getting any business from there, but we still have our regulars coming in that support us and love the town,” said Luke Westrich, a manager at the Hartsburg Hitching Post.

The outside business the bar has gotten comes from volunteers helping to sandbag.

“We actually had a lot of people that came down to help out the town and, after a long day of work, had a couple of cold beers,” Westrich said.

He said people don’t realize Route A is still open, even though the back roads are closed.

Haller emphasized the town is not under water.

“We are dry and here,” he said.