Some Holts Summit residents oppose compulsory trash bag plan

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HOLTS SUMMIT - Trash cans be seen on the lawns of some homes in Holts Summit, but not on all of them.

The Holts Summit Board of Aldermen are looking to change this by proposing that each home have pay $11.20 for a trash cart. It met Tuesday to hear public comments on the proposed plan.

Holts Summit residents would be charged an additional cost of $11.20 per month on sewage bills, followed by a 3 percent increase each year.

Holts Summit Ward 2 Councilman Landon Oxley said, "We're just looking at options right now that would be the best option with the trash situation that we have, where people are dumping on the side of the roads instead of paying the street department to pick up trash."

He said this has been a problem for the city as some people are throwing their trash into the bins of some businesses.

"We've had situations where people dump their trash in when it's for recycling," Oxley said.

The Holts Summit Board of Aldermen is working with Allied Waste to help solve this problem.

One resident who wanted to be referred to as Tom, has lived in the city for 9 years and said he disagrees with this proposal, as he likes his choice of service that he uses.

"I like to have my options. I can go to my neighbor and split the cost by half for the cart," he said.

As a single man, he said it would not make sense for him to use a 90-gallon cart for his trash.

Another resident who did not want to be named was not in favor of the proposal.

"I don't think we ought to be forced to be with any one company without negotiating," he said.

In Columbia, residents with bags are charged $15.42. 

An Allied Waste Services trashcan sits at the edge of a driveway on Franklin St. in Holts Summit, Missouri, on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014. The Holts Summit Board of Aldermen is looking for a solution to the city's trash service issue.

Landon Oxley reviews his notes during the City of Holts Summit Board of Alderman meeting at the Police Department Board Room on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, in Holts Summit, Missouri. Oxley serves as Alderman for Ward II for Holts Summit.