Some household products get big discount in September

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COLUMBIA - A new article from Consumer Reports showed September is the time for consumers to buy several household products at a big discount.

The article said consumers can find items like lawn mowers, outdoor equipment, kitchen appliances and bicycles for cheap this month. It stated that Labor Day marks the end of summer for many people, so products typically associated with warmer months start to go on sale. 

Brian Kukla, service manager at Cyclextreme in Columbia, said business at the shop starts to slow down in the fall as temperatures drop. 

"It slows down; it's definitely weather that determines how our business goes," Kukla said.

He said September is also the time that new bike models and technology come out, which contributes to sales on older models around this time. 

"Just getting that new technology and the old technology out, that's still relatively new technology of course, so it's all really great stuff. But you can get it at really good prices this time of year," Kukla said. 

While many of these products were on sale for Labor Day weekend, low prices for all of these products should stick around for the rest of the month, according to Consumer Reports.