Some Parents Unhappy With Graduation Time

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COLUMBIA - Beginning Friday many happy faces will graduate from high school. This year Frederick Douglass High School will have its largest graduating class which means the school needed a larger venue for the ceremony.

Michelle Baumstark, Community Relations Director for Columbia Public Schools said 92 students will be graduating from Douglass High School this year.

"We are extremely proud of the fact that the graduating class for that school has been growing expediently over the last years", Baumstark said.  Just four years ago there were only 22 graduates from Douglass High School.

She said with the bigger class comes another set of challenges such as finding a location where everyone is able to attend and so far she has not received any complaints about the time change.

"We want to be able to provide a location where everyone can attend and if we were to have had it at Douglass High School or another location it would have been a smaller location and not everyone would have been able to attend."

Parent Melynda Herndon said she feels it does not accommodate everyone because most of her family is working during that time.

"I just think it could have been accommodated better so that everyone could be there to celebrate their graduation and their accomplishments," Herndon said.

Herndon said she would have rather have the ceremony during the evening because she would have had more family support there.

"I feel like it won't accommodate because that's when most of my family members can't make it here for the graduation because they have to work and it's so early in the morning," Herndon said.

Frederick Douglass High Schools' ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. Friday morning at the Missouri Theatre.