Some people shrug off winter conditions

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COLUMBIA - Despite the treacherous conditions, some people have no choice but to drive in weather like Friday's.

"My job requires me to do that. I do internet work and telephone work and it must be working so people can communicate and get online and do what they need to do," Shane Craig said. 

He said he has dealt with far worse whether than what mid-Missouri is currently experiencing. 

"In 2017, I was actually in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Colorado, so this is nothing. This is like a walk in the park," he said.

Craig said he has been with Centurylink for 26 years and has never been told to take a day off because of the weather.

"It's always been something where you work rain, sunshine. You take a break for a tornado, but, other than that, you are pretty much do and go," he said. 

Audrey Lasley, who was out grocery shopping Friday said it was like any other day. 

"It doesn't phase me." she said. "I just got off work and came to the store." 

She said dealing with snow is just something Missourians do.