Some Residents Angry About Unplowed Streets

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COLUMBIA - While most Columbia residents are preparing for tonight's snowstorm, some are still trying to get rid of snow from last week.

"We need this heavy snowed cleared soon," Columbia resident Christine Doerr said.

Many of the residential streets in Doerr's neighborhood north of Stephen's Lake Park are reduced to one lane and still have thick coats of snow and ice. Doerr said she has called Columbia Public Works twice and left a message both times, but has not heard a response. She said she hasn't seen a single plow on her street since the storm hit Thursday. Doerr says she's not concerned about herself, but she is worried about her elderly neighbors.

"I've got a neighbor with a serious illness and three other neighbors in their eighties and I wouldn't be able to take them to the hospital if there were an emergency," Doerr said.

Doerr said if more snow falls on her street before the old snow is cleared, it will make it extremely difficult to get in and out of her neighborhood.

We were not able to get in contact with Columbia Public Works on Monday, but on Saturday it told KOMU 8 News that ninety percent of the streets were plowed.