Some season ticket holders concerned about Mizzou's new south end zone

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COLUMBIA - Construction crews are still working on the new south end zone project at Mizzou's Faurot Field, but some season ticket holders are saying they might not buy seats because of the new format. 

Beth Alpers, a season ticket holder of about 15 years, said she loved her previous seats in the old south end zone.  

"It was the best spot in the stadium because it’s close to the band and it’s where the football players come out in the beginning," Alpers said. "That seating arrangement really made the experience." 

She was among the season ticket holders who were moved to a different spot while construction is underway.

Tim Hickman, Mizzou's deputy athletic director, said he knows the new end zone experience might have some fans looking elsewhere for seating.

"Some of them will come back, some of them won't," Hickman said.

Alpers said she might not buy season tickets next fall because of the change.

"I will be contemplating whether to stay in the same spot or whether or not to get tickets," Alpers said. “I haven't made that decision yet because I'll just have to see what my options are.”

Hickman said the Tigers wanted the new end zone to include the fans in the game experience. 

“We're always looking to make the atmosphere better so again bringing the fans closer and giving more excitement,” Hickman said.

The new end zone will also offer amenities for both fans and players. According to Hickman, players will have:

  • new weight room
  • locker room 
  • strength and conditioning 
  • sports medicine and hydrotherapy 
  • meeting space 
  • new club. 

When the new end zone is finished, fans can experience:

  • 16 new suites
  • field level club that the team will run through for the start of games
  • general seating with new restrooms

Alpers said she understands why Mizzou Athletics made the change, but she still isn't sure about the renovations.

"I think change is good, but I don't always... I'm just not sure the change is right for me," Alpers said.

Hickman said Mizzou Athletics will always consider new ways of improving Memorial Stadium.

"It’s progress, you know, were always looking to improve our facilities and training opportunities for our team," Hickman said. 

The money for the new south end zone came from ticket sales and alumni donations. Hickman said the project will take roughly $98 million by the time it's finished before the 2019 football season.