Some Students Fail to Place on Portion of MAP Test

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COLUMBIA - Minority and lower-income students struggle in math proficiency, according to Columbia Public Schools' 2013 MAP test results.

Students identified as African American, Hispanic, free and reduced-price lunch and English language learners failed to place in the math section of the standardized test, receiving an average of zero points earned out of the possible 4.0.

Overall, minority and lower income students received a 35.7 percent on the test, compared to the 82.1 percent overall achievement.

"Even though we're pleased with the overall performance, we continue to be concerned with subgroups," said Superintendent Chris Belcher.

Some parents wrote off the merit of the test, calling it a flawed way to measure a student's ability.

"I really believe that your child's character and intelligence is based on something more collective than a standardized test," Gordon Larsen said.

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