South Callaway R-II seeks part-time social worker

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MOKANE - The South Callaway R-II School Board is now accepting applications for a part-time social worker.

The board unanimously approved the decision Wednesday. It cited a rise in social issues that could interfere with a student’s education.

“It’s time for us to start helping educate the whole child and helping them be able to deal with their issues so they can better focus on their school work,” said Special Services Director Amanda Wogan.

Wogan said she sees a need for more staff so the district can give extra time to students and families who need counseling or other resources.  

Some students in the South Callaway school district face problems such as homelessness and loss of family members, Wogan said.

“A lot of the time the needs take up a lot of time for our counselors,” she said. “A typical high school counselor may spend a full period, which is 50 minutes, with a student.”

It can take an entire day to serve just seven to eight students. Adding another staff member, even part-time, will provide some relief from a heavy workload, Wogan said.

“It will give them more time to focus on the traditional school work aspect of the counseling, but, to me, it’s more for the students,” she said.

Wogan said, if she can help to better serve the students of South Callaway, then she’s doing her job. 

“We want to give them the best,” she said.