Southbound Lanes on Hwy 63 to Open Wednesday

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BOONE COUNTY - Missouri Department of Transportation workers are set to open two new southbound lanes of traffic along U.S. 63 Wednesday morning.

Along with the recently completed j-turns, the new southbound lanes of traffic form the second part of the $9.8 million Route 63 and H interchange project. The new southbound lanes of traffic will be open to the public starting at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Crews are working Tuesday to finish striping the road, and running electricity for light poles. As new southbound lanes open, the old lanes will be converted to an outer roadway system that improves access to private property and businesses along U.S. 63.

MoDOT officials said the airport is one of the main areas impacted by the construction. Drivers to the airport are currently re-routed on the Highway H detour and will continue to be until the project is completed November 1.

"The airport access will have a exit, exit ramps for both directions and at the terminal the ramps will have round-a-bouts where traffic will be able to maneuver, and take along Providence, Route H, go to the airport, it will be a lot safer driving conditions than they currently have," Kirsten Munck said.

No delays or closures are planned for northbound traffic along U.S. 63.

Photo Credit: Casey Batezel/KOMU 8

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