Southern Boone County Students React to Classmate\'s Suicide

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ASHLAND - Classmates of the Southern Boone County High School student who committed suicide early Tuesday morning said the entire community is grieving. 

Boone County and Ashland authorities said 17-year-old Jacob Meadows shot and killed himself after threatening the high school. The threat was sent as a text message to another student who passed it on to the school district's superintendent. School administrators cancelled classes at Southern Boone Tuesday.

Wally Wallace is a member of the senior class and found out that his classmate had died around nine Tuesday morning. He said he was shocked at the news and didn't believe Meadows, also a senior, would ever hurt anyone. 

"I dropped my phone in disbelief when I found out," said Wallace. "There's no way he would've done anything like that."

Melissa Lyddon said she had English class with Meadows and that he constantly made everyone laugh.

"He loved reading his stories to the class," Lyddon said. "I'll always remember how he added his own flare to his stories and made me laugh."

Nate Duncan also had classes with Meadows and said he was picked on constantly by other classmates.

"He was really different from a lot of people and a lot of people didn't like him," said Duncan. "There was a lot of people that gave him a hard time over the years."

The school is making grief counselors available to students Wednesday. 

"There's a lot of grief going on and we're just going to have to pull together as a community and deal with it together," said Duncan. 

The students said that even people who didn't know the victim have learned something from the incident. 

"It makes you realize to watch what you say because different things affect different people," said Duncan.

An autopsy will be performed on Meadows tomorrow.