Southern Boone County waits for roads to open up again

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BOONE COUNTY - People living on S. Rippeto road were expecting to be able to use their road by the end of the day Monday.

They said a lot of water has receded but it will most likely take until Friday for the road to be accessible. 

Michael Gamble, who lives on S. Rippeto Road, said he had to move to another property of his, to get away from the flooding around May 21st. 

Gamble said he is used to the water rising but this year has been just about as bad as 1993. 

"I'll start cleaning up, it looks like Thursday or Friday. I'll take my tractor and a blade and level the ground and re-seed and clean the garage out with the pressure cleaner."

Greg Edington of Boone County Road & Bridge said they base their road closures and openings off information from the National Weather Service. 

"We thought the levels would be low enough to open more roads today, we looked at the hydrologic prediction service, but it's not always perfect," he said. 

Gamble said after the flood of 1993, he had to rebuild his house two feet higher than it was before.

He said the house is secured with poles that are covered in cement, he thinks without them, his house could have gotten washed away again. 

Edington said to keep eyes on the Boone County Road and Bridge "current road closures" list day by day as they open more roads.