Special Olympics Needs Volunteers

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COLUMBIA - The Special Olympics is set to begin in Columbia on May 30, but the event is missing an important component - volunteers.

The event needs 300 volunteers per day through June 1 in Columbia. More than 2,500 athletes and coaches from across the state will gather to compete in the games.

There are six games played in the competition including volleyball, basketball, bowling, track and field, powerlifting and aquatics.

Volunteer coordinator Jennifer Greene said Sunday has been the most difficult day to get volunteers to participate.

"Well, I think Sunday is always an issue dealing with church and getting people to come out on a Sunday," Green said. "When I look at Sunday, we still need hundreds of volunteers."

Track and field and bowling are the two sports that will be played on Sunday.  Most of the volunteer shifts are four hour commitments. Volunteers helping with bowling would serve as lane assistants.

"It's a wonderful place for one-on-one interaction with our athletes, and that's usually why people volunteer," Green said.

The games are usually hosted at a specific location for three to four years. Columbia has hosted the event for the past three years, and this will be the final year of the games in Columbia.

This year, the October State Outdoor Games will take place in Jefferson City.

Special Olympics has not announced yet where the summer games will be in 2015.

For more information on how to sign up to be a volunteer visit the Missouri Special Olympics website.