Special Olympics Supporters Rappel off Jefferson State Building

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JEFFERSON CITY - For the first time in Jefferson City, about 50 people rappelled off the Jefferson State Building Saturday in support of the Missouri Special Olympics. Each person participating in the event, called Over the Edge, had to raise a $1,000 minimum before they could rappel 13 stories down the building. 

After the event, organizers estimated they had raised about $60,000. The Over the Edge event staff said it's typical to raise a six-figure sum at an event, but that it's also normal to raise less than that the first time a city hosts the event.  

Special Olympics Missouri Chief Development Officer Susan Stegeman said the organization's goal next year is to get about 40 more people to participate than this year. She said she hopes people will be more willing to get out of their comfort zone by participating in the event in order to better understand what it's like for a Special Olympics athlete to get out of his or her comfort zone.

Cities across the country host Over the Edge events throughout the year, icluding St. Louis and Kansas City. Anyone who is at least 14-years-old and weighs under 300 pounds is allowed to particiapte. 

For details on how you can contribute to the Missouri Special Olympics, visit their website at somo.org.