Special Session On Hold Until Next Week

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JEFFERSON CITY- Governor Jay Nixon called a crisp special session, which he hoped would last two weeks. The end of this week marks that point and many senators and representatives feel they are no where close to being finished.

Rep. Stephen Webb, R-Columbia, said "We spent $10,000 not doing anything, we're going to do the same thing next week a couple of times, it's a mess, it's been a disaster hown here."

Rep. Jill Schupp, D-St. Louis, said the taxpayers would be disappointed if at the end of the day they had nothing to show for their work. Taxpayers pay $98.40 per legislator each day they show up to the capitol for daily allowance during this special session. The expense is related to the daily "per diem" a legislator gets for attending a session.

However, the special session has been postponed and will not resume until next Wednesday, Sept. 21, after the House has had the chance to read over the Senate's bill changes. Thursday lawmakers will hold a technical session at the capitol. This type of session involves assigning bills instead of voting, discussion, or debate. A majority of the members do not attend this type of session.

Senator Brad Lager, R-Savannah, said Wednesday he thinks we're heading in the right direction. "We need to take our time and do it right." He said he thinks it saves taxpayers money if legislators are taken away from Jefferson City to have time to review this bill because it's comprehensive and will take a long time.