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JEFFERSON CITY- A revision to Missouri's amateur sports tax credit program could bring more sporting events to Mid-Missouri.

The revision to the credit program was passed last Friday. The program sets aside three million dollars to help Missouri in landing large-scale amateur sporting events.

In previous years, nearly the whole fund was used by St. Louis and Kansas City. The revision caps what the two cities can use at 2.7 million, leaving the rest for other Missouri cities.

"It opens the door for this tax credit program to be better utilized throughout the state," Jefferson City sports sales manager Austin Rippeto said. "This only gives cities around the state another tool in their toolbox to get regional and national events to Missouri."

Rippeto also added that the bill's new language gives Columbia the best advantage in getting events.

"A big part of our tourism product is amateur sporting events," Columbia Visitor's Bureau spokesperson Megan McConachie said. "It's something we market being able to have access to some of this tax credit is going to be really beneficial."

Upon applying for the tax credit, the Department of Economic Development reviews multiple factors, including the value of the event to Missouri's revenues and how the event does in relation to its projections.

"Working new people in is always a great thing from outside of the state," McConachie said. "We want our parks to be used as often as possible, and so being able to utilize those facilities just makes Columbia that much more exciting."