Spring break home burglaries decrease in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The number of home burglaries over spring break have gone down in Columbia compared to past years. A report came out on Wednesday from the Columbia Police Department. 

It shows that this spring break, seven residential burglaries were reported to the police. There was also one commercial burglary reported.

Here are the results of burglaries in Columbia over spring break from past years:

  • 2016 - 7 residential, 1 commercial and 2 other
  • 2015 - 29 residential, 3 commercial and 1 other
  • 2014 - 26 residential, 0 commercial and 0 other
  • 2013 - 21 residential, 3 commercial and 1 other
  • 2012 - 21 residential (no data showing numbers for commercial and other)
  • 2011 - 14 residential, 1 commercial and 1 other
  • 2010 - 10 residential, 5 commercial (no data showing numbers for other)

CPD Public Information Officer Latishia M. Stroer said the department has put out press releases that include tips for residents when they leave town and the department also put other resources on its Facebook page and website.

"We also have a "watch in passing" on our website which allows you to tell us how long you are gone, if someone is going to be checking on your residence, if there are going to be any vehicles in your driveway that should or should not be there," Stroer said. "That helps us when we are checking on residences when we are away."

CPD also included a map of the Columbia with marked areas of the burglaries. 

Landon Miller, who lives near a residence that was burglarized, said he was also burglarized over spring break but chose not to report it. He said he was out of town at the time and his little brother was the one who was at the house.

"My little brother told me that somebody was trying to break in through the back fence. But my dog chased him off and then went to the front of the house and barked at the suspect," Miller said.

No property was damaged or stolen from Miller's house.

Miller said he does not feel unsafe in the area but he has heard of people's cars being broken into.

Stroer said if someone does go out of town for a long period of time, it is important for them to make the house look like it is not empty.