Spring Fever Hits Homebuyers in Mid-Missouri

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COLUMBIA - After a swoon in the housing market, local realtors said Monday they have seen an uptick in homebuyers this season, leading to more competition and increased prices housing prices. 

"It's a whole different ballgame than two to three years ago," Columbia Board of Realtors member Jessica Kempf said.

Ryan Cunningham of Century 21 said he has more buyers right now than the last three to four years, possibly due to the springtime weather. In fact, with so many people seeking homes, Cunningham said it has actually created an imbalance with sellers in the market. 

"I have so many buyers that I'm actually having a tough time finding property for in some areas of town," Cunningham said. "And that's a good thing." With demand outstripping supply, realtors said sellers should get more for their properties.

Cunningham referred to the phenomenon as "spring fever." He said the surge in buyers should slow down as June approaches.

Kempf said houses traditionally sell very well in the spring. Most recently, 2010 may serve as the best example. That year, 492 homes sold in Boone County from April to June, a significantly larger number than fall and winter statistics.