Spring Flood Threat

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ROCHEPORT - Service hydrologist with the National Weather Service Mark Fuchs says moderate flooding from snowmelt and spring rainfall is likely for areas along the Missouri River.

Areas close to the Mississippi River, on the other hand, can expect heavy flooding by the second or third week of April, Fuchs said.

Fuchs adds that snowmelt will be the primary source of the moderate flooding in communities like Rocheport. He said there is no guarantee the area will flood. As of now, the National Weather Service in St. Louis said there are no signals pointing in the direction of heavy flooding near the Missouri River.

In 1993, Rocheport experienced a significant flood along the Missouri River. Whenever that happens, residents in Rocheport place sandbags along the Katy Trail to act as a barrier, stopping the Missouri River floodwater from reaching their homes.

A city alderman said the community heavily relies on help from surrounding community volunteer services to help when significant flooding occurs. "Without people like that, a little town like ours would be in a world of hurt," Mike Friedemann said.