Spring Pickup Program Begins

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JEFFERSON CITY - Residents in Jefferson City got a push to start their spring cleaning Monday. They were allowed to put out more trash than usual.

Beginning at 5 a.m., Allied Waste Services collected large bulky items for disposal from residential customers living east of Jefferson Street. Residents living west of Jefferson Street should have items on the curb by 5 a.m. next Monday. There is no extra fee.

Items accepted include large, bulky items, furniture, mattresses, microwaves, televisions, and tied bundles of scrap material under four feet in length.

Most residents were happy to clean out unwanted items. However, one resident had extra work to do. She had to re-bag all of her clothes after people ripped open the trash bags looking for free items. She said, "I came out early this morning and took a bunch of trash bags and bagged it all up. When people come by, I keep stopping them and am like 'Please don't make a mess.'"

Some people found some treasures in other's trash. Fulton resident Staci Esdabrook said, "We've been out here for three hours. I found great items, such as an angel lamp. Everything is in great condition."

Fulton also participated in the "Spring Pickup" Monday.