Spring striping for Boone County roads begins

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COLUMBIA - Boone County Resource Management has started its annual Spring road striping Monday.

Contractors will be painting several roads through June 9th. The project will run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

Jim Murawski, the project superintendent, advises mid-Missouri residents to be careful around the work areas.

"If they run up on us, just stay behind our backup truck and pay attention to the signs. The biggest problem is people  will cross over the wet paint and not know they're crossing over wet paint and then the tires spray it up on the cars and then we have a problem," Murawski said. 

Contractors said traffic is likely to be backed up around work areas and drivers should plan accordingly.

Roads that will have work done on them include:

  • BENSON ROAD Fairgrounds Road to Railroad Tracks
  • STURGEON CEMETERY RD Route V to End of Pavement
  • FRINK ROAD Hwy 124 to Kemper Road
  • KEMPER ROAD Frink Road to Rte B
  • MOUNT ZION CHURCH ROAD ~200' East of Route B
  • CALVERT HILL ROAD Boatman Hill Road to ~640' east of Hwy 63 (CME sign)
  • BOATMAN HILL ROAD McGee Road to Calvert Hill Road
  • MCGEE ROAD Route B to Boatman Hill Road
  • O'REAR ROAD Railroad Crossing to End of Pavement
  • KIRCHER ROAD Mount Hope Road to Dusty Rhodes Lane (CME sign)
  • HATTON CHAPEL ROAD Route E to ~500' Past Griffitts Lane
  • TRAILS WEST AVENUE Hwy 40 to Rollingwood Boulevard
  • ROLLINGWOOD BOULEVARD Country Hill Road to Trails West Avenue
  • ST CHARLES ROAD Grace Lane to Maintenance Ends Sign (~150' from Elderbrook)
  • GRACE LANE St. Charles Road to Maintenance Ends Sign (~120' S of Teton)
  • RICHLAND ROAD Bridge east of Grace Lane to Rangeline Road
  • RANGELINE ROAD Richland Road to Maintenance Ends
  • EL CHAPARRAL AVENUE Intersection with Hwy WW
  • ELK PARK DRIVE Intersection with Hwy WW
  • NEW HAVEN ROAD Rolling Hills Road to Rangeline Road
  • MINOR HILL ROAD Hwy DD to Hwy 63