St. Joseph Passengers Benefit from Public Transit

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ST. JOSEPH - The City of Columbia has been advocating the benefits of public transportation through the Bike, Walk, and Wheel Week.

In St. Joseph, a city in northwest Missouri, the bus system has replaced private cars for some residents.

Andrain Poff, a St. Joseph passenger who takes the bus almost everyday, said the bus can take him to everywhere he wants within the city.

"Why pay for gas and insurance, and all that, when you don't need to," Poff said.

Another passenger, Sheena Miller, doesn't drive either. Her monthly fare is about $25 to $35.

St. Joseph Transit, or The Ride, provides eight routes that serve all points in the city. Passengers are able to request stops along the route. The buses also offer front-door service and late night service.

The full bus fare is $1, and 50 cents for seniors and people with disabilities. However, the cost to transport one passenger is $9, and that's why General Manager of St. Joseph Transit Kurt Janicek said "public transportation never makes money."

To make up the difference, St Joseph residents fund their buses through a local sales tax. It is 3/8 of a cent.