Stadium Boulevard to be Widened

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COLUMBIA - MoDot plans to improve Stadium Boulevard from L.A. Nichol Golf Course near Cosmo Park to south of Broadway.

MoDot will add a diverging diamond to allow traffic to move faster and to decrease congestion people usually see during rush hour. Under the proposed plans, people will no longer have to cross opposing traffic at the I-70 interchange.

MoDot will change the existing five-lane, undivided roadway on Stadium Boulevard to a six-lane divided roadway. It will also add a median to accommodate dual left turns at intersections. In addition, lanes will be added to Fairview Road and to Bernadette Drive.

Nicole Hood from MoDot said the project to modify the I-70 interchange and Stadium Boulevard will improve traffic flow in Columbia and be safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

"They will have less congestion and fewer delays when they're traveling through this stretch of roadway," Hood said.

MoDOT will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, May 24 to discuss plans to widen Stadium Boulevard and improve the I-70 interchange in Columbia.

The public hearing will be held at the Activity and Recreation Center at 1701 W. Ash Street in Columbia from 4pm to 6:30pm.

The work to improve the Stadium corridor is scheduled to begin in 2011. The work will be completed in phases and will last through 2014. Tentative schedules for construction will be discussed at the hearing.

The improvements will cost approximately $20 million and are being funded by MoDOT, the City of Columbia and three transportation development districts.