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COLUMBIA -  Many staff members at MU say they aren't happy, especially on the issue of pay.

According to the 2016 MU campus climate survey, 59 percent of respondents reported dissatisfaction with their salaries. Almost 56 percent reported a lack of opportunity for advancement and 32 percent reported an increased workload. 

Staff members include administrative assistants, pipe footers, landscapers, business analysts, accountants and more.

"We are generally the first people you see when you interact with Mizzou and we are generally the last people that you see when you leave Mizzou or come back to Mizzou," said Chrissy Kintner, MU staff advisory chair. 

She said there are almost 6,000 full-time staff members on campus. 

In the six years she's been a part of the advisory council, Kintner said, pay has always been a topic of concern. 

"It has been a long time since we've gotten standard across the board raises. I've said that in the past and I'll continue to say it until it happens," Kintner said. 

The university is facing financial trouble and part of the reason is a lack of state funding. Chancellor Alexander Cartwright said the budget restrictions mean staff raises just aren't available right now.

One staff member at the forum said there is more to the job than just the "monetary thing."

Ronnie Moten, a cook in Campus Dining Services said he's grateful to his boss for creating a welcoming environment.

"She's actually the reason I stayed with MU," Moten said.

His boss makes each staff member a cake for his or her birthday.

"It makes you feel appreciated and valued,"  Moten said.

At the forum, campus leaders said they are committed to working on changes at the university.