State Auditor Outlines Misuse of Money in Moniteau County

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CALIFORNIA - State Auditor Tom Schweich released on Monday the audit of Moniteau County.  The audit rated the overall performance as "fair" for the county, but it also brought up problems of money management.

According to the audit, both the Special Road and Bridge Fund and the General Revenue Fund remained in poor condition.  The audit also singled out the county collector's mismanagement of funds.  The audit said that the county collector's actions have increased the risk of losing or misusing county money.

Moniteau's Residing County Commissioner Kenneth Kunze addressed the issues regarding the county collector,  

"She's new at it.  She's learning every day, and I think it's just going to take a bit of time.  Now, I think there are some deficiencies there that she probably should have caught before now,"  said Kunze.

 Kunze said that while some of the points on the audit are outside his power, he's been placing calls to try and address the issues.