State Auditor seeks public feedback on proposed local court rules

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JEFFERSON CITY - Monday morning Nicole Galloway, the Missouri State Auditor, will share her new municipal court rules with the public.

"Missouri residents expect transparency and accountability at all levels, yet many Missourians have lost faith in government, including their own local government and court systems," Galloway said.

Galloway's proposed rules are to help local governments meet the standards of the recent changes in the municipal court. The changes come in response to Missouri's new requirements from Senate Bill 5. The office plans to require local government to provide the auditor's office with more detailed annual financial reports. The proposed rules will provide Galloway's office with the proper information she needs to hold the local courts accountable. 

"Reforming our municipal courts is one way we can transform local governments and restore trust in the system," Galloway said.

"I encourage interested citizens and groups to review my office's proposed rules and be part of the conversation that will change the way Missouri's municipal courts and local governments operate."

The first of these proposed rules will require the impacted areas to fill out information regarding its revenue sources, bond forfeitures and court costs for minor traffic violations. 

The second rule requires municipal courts to meet the standards set by these new reforms. Courts are no longer allowed to hold a defendant in custody for more than 24 hours without a warrant, banning use of jail time in order to force payment, implementing payment plans and community service alternatives and holding court proceedings in locations that are accessible by the public.

Lastly, there is a proposed rule tied to an emergency rule that has all political subdivisions turn in their financial reports in a timely manner. 


The hearing will include citizen feedback on the proposals and will also allow written responses to the rules until Nov. 6. The public hearing will start at 9 a.m. in the Truman Office Building at 301 W. High Street in room 494.

If you can't attend the meeting will be on Periscope and written comments can be sent to The Missouri State Auditor's office.