State Geographic Bee Comes To MU

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COLUMBIA- Wonder what's buzzing around Columbia? The State Geographic Bee, that's what. Fourth through eighth graders from-different schools around the state competed against each other. The competition was held on the M-U Campus. 

The students are entered in the competition after they take a qualifying written exam at  their school. Those test are then sent off to nationals to be scored. Timothy Hill, the State Bee coordinator, said, " The Bee is designed to increase geographic literacy amongst students grades four to eight, and we hope it encourages teachers in schools to include geography in their classrooms"

Columbia had 5 contestants out of the 100 students that came from around the state.  Tate Cooper who attends Smithton Middle School, said "Geography definitely interest me, it's a fun subject. It's interesting to study and learn about other people's cultures and how they live and stuff."  Columbia's Rohit Rao, a Jefferson Junior High School student, came in second place to his rival Joshua Vogel. Rao and Vogel had competed in the finals against each other last year. Vogel, a Cape Gireardeau student at Trinity Lutheran School Student, finished first.

Each state winner will get an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to compete in the National Geographic Bee. First Prize for the national competition is a $25,000 college scholarship and an all expense paid trip to the Galapagos Islands.