State Highway FF reopened after fatal accident involving trooper

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AUDRAIN COUNTY - State Highway FF reopened Friday evening, but the outlines of a crash scene that killed Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper James Bava this morning in Audrain County remain.

Corporal Scott White said Bava called dispatch to report a motorcyclist committing a traffic violation.

"Within a few minutes, radio operators at Troop F attempted to contact that trooper over the radio and did not receive a response," White said. "At 8:35, Audrain County emergency services received 911 calls of a patrol car that had crashed."

The Missouri State Highway Patrol could not officially confirm Bava was in pursuit of a motorcyclist, only that he made radio communication about an observed violation.

MoDOT finished removing the last of the "road closed" warning signs around 4:45 p.m. There was still substantial white chalk at the scene of the accident, near County Road 977, Friday night. 

"Any time the patrol loses a member, it's devastating to all of us," White said. "It's a very selfless profession that we're in, and we certainly appreciate all of the efforts of all the troopers across the state."

Bava started with the Missouri State Highway Patrol in July of 2013. The patrol added him to its website Friday as one of 31 patrolmen and women who lost their lives on duty.