State Highway Slides Down Slope in Fulton

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FULTON- MoDOT began construction Wednesday on a portion of Highway C that eroded down a slope, making it impassible for drivers.

MoDOT representative Randy Aulbers said soil saturation over time causes these types of issues, as the soil drifts down the side slope the road falls along with it.

"It isn't the first time we have seen this problem. It's just something that pops up and then you have to fix it." Aulbers said.

Crews will begin trenching out the soil and material to make room for a concrete wedge. The wedge will act like an anchor to hold the soil under the road in place. Once that is complete, crews will begin to re-build the road.

Aulbers said this project could take about 10 days to finish and in the mean time drivers will have to detour to get around construction.

"Basically for this area drivers will take Tennyson Drive, to Business 54, then back around to Route O, which will take, you back to where Highway C is," Aulbers said.

There are a couple homes whose driveways are within this construction zone. Aulbers said they will try to give those residents access to their driveways for as long as possible, but eventually they will have to park their cars elsewhere during construction.