State Representatives to Fight Proposed Higher Education Cuts

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri state representatives are outraged at Governor Jay Nixon's proposed 12.5% cut to higher education, and cuts can go as deep as 15%. The cut would be $106 million less than last year's budget, the largest since 1994. Instead of these cuts, representatives want support for a possible raise in the state's cigarette tax and/or online sales tax. They believe this can add $400 million in revenue in one year.

2012 is widely considered the worst budget year, and legislators are focusing on adding revenue streams. State Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, plans to fight these higher education cuts at the Senate level before the budget lands on the governor's desk. He, like other representatives, wants the big corporations receiving tax breaks to pay more.

The biggest problem would be that a gain in higher education funding may mean less funding elsewhere in the budget. The biggest recommendation for citizens is to voice their opinions on the matter by contacting Governor Nixon to express their concern.