State's Highest Paid Workers

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JEFFERSON CITY - Though Missouri state workers rank 50th out of the 50 states when it comes to salaries, a KOMU 8 News Target 8 investigation shows that doesn't necessarily mean all state workers are low wage earners.

The investigation found more than four dozen psychiatrists with the Missouri Department of Mental Health earn more than Governor Jay Nixon. The Governor's salary is $133,000 annually. The highest paid state employee is Narayana Adsumilli who's salary was more than $412,000 annually. "It's hard to hire psychiatrists, you want competent psychiatrists and it costs money to deliver good mental health care the salaries always look high compared to other state employees", said Democratic State Representative Chris Kelly of Columbia.

Missouri isn't alone in well-paid psychiatrists. Many of Missouri's neighbors pay psychiatrists 6-figure salaries including, Illinois, and Nebraska.

Our Target 8 investigation looked at Missouri state workers and did not include University of Missouri employees. It's widely known the top wage earners within the University are football and basketball coaches.