Statewide campaign encourages outdoor spring cleaning

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The warm weather means barbecues, baseball and enjoying the great outdoors.

But it also means spring cleaning, and the Missouri Department of Transportation wants everyone to pitch in.

MoDOT partnered with The Missouri Department of Conservation to promote outdoor spring cleaning with a trash bash.

The two sponsors are using the month of April to promote the the state-wide campaign "No MOre Trash!" aiming to reduce litter throughout Missouri.

The anti-litter campaign encourages people to clean up litter from roadsides, parks, neighborhoods, rivers, streams, trailers and other places.

Stacy Armstrong is a roadside management specialist at MoDOT and said each year MoDOT  spends about $6 million on litter cleanup.

"If we get people to not litter in the first place, then we can use the money and time to do other activities," Armstrong said.

Armstrong also said a lot of volunteers come from MoDOT's "Adopt-a-Highway" program.

"We also really want our stream teams to get out there and help clean up," Armstrong said. "But then anyone can volunteer to help out to clean up. It could be a state route or city park or whatever. We'll work with you to try and find a location where you can help out and just give Missouri a good spring cleaning."

Ryan Linhart is a student at Thomas Jefferson Middle School and said the cleanup would help keep skaters safe at the skate park across the street from his house.

"Sometimes they like fall or it gets caught," Linhart said. 

Armstrong said volunteers are needed across the state. To learn how to participate, visit the No MOre Trash! website.