Stay at home, stay organized

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JEFFERSON CITY – More time spent at home during a stay-at-home order means more time looking at every nook and cranny. Most have never had so much free time to spring clean, and the task looks daunting.

But there are tips and tricks to tackle spring cleaning amid COVID-19 that can make it more manageable. Laura St. Clair, owner and professional organizer at Managed Chaos LLC, said knowing where to start if half the battle.

“For example, if things that belong in your bedroom are flowing into your living room, it would be tempting to start in your living space,” St. Clair said. “In fact, you need to start at the root.”

Her biggest piece of advice is that anyone can do anything for 10 minutes. She recommends targeting smaller, more realistic tasks first in order to gain the confidence for larger spaces.

“Even if it’s going through boxes, photographs or whatever, you can just take one box and take it over to the couch while you’re watching TV and start going through it,” St. Clair said. “One of the key things is to try to touch everything one time.”

She said no one needs to store much of anything past out of season clothing items and decorations. In fact, one of the most problematic areas she sees in a household is the closet, which also happens to be one of the easiest spots to start.

“You want to pull the things that you haven’t worn in at least two years,” St. Clair said. “You want to pull things that are too small, and you want to pull things that are too big because you’re not going that way. You want to look at your clothing very objectively.”

After clearing items out of your closet, you can track items you need to pickup at the store in the “notes” app on your phone. This will hold you accountable to only items in need of replacing.

While donation centers, like Goodwill, have ceased accepting items, online resale apps like Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace are still operating. St. Clair suggests storing items you have cleaned out in your car for the time being to avoid re-cluttering spaces.

Step-by-step video instructions highlighting more tips like these can be found on the Managed Chaos LLC Facebook page.