Staying Positive During Life\'s Greatest Challenge

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COLUMBIA - There isn't a better seat in the ballpark than the one Nellie Dodd sits in every game. She's attended softball games since nineteen eighty eight.

If you're sitting down, she'll pick you up, "I get up and I get them going. M-I-Z on this side and Z-O-U" Dodd said. Outside of Truman, she's the most recognizable fan at university field.

Kelsea Roth, Mizzou's first baseman has noticed Dodd as well, "I knew the very first ball game she came out and she's an ultra fan."

Life hasn't always been easy for Dodd. Six years ago, Dodd got a second chance at life, "and a young man gave me the greatest you can ever have. The gift of life."

Even a heart transplant couldn't stop Dodd from getting tickets to games and she still took it upon herself to inspire the team.

Dodd's gift was not about her she says, "you see it's not about me. It's about god and other people." She says life is just like softball, "but you see it's just like the ballplayers. You gotta have faith, you gotta stay positive, and you gotta never give up."