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FULTON - Children practice their science, technology, engineering and math skills by building robots at the Calloway County Public Library.

Boogie Bots are toy robots children build with wires, plastic small wheels, battery, wooden sticks, and wires.

“We want to get kids excited about learning and one way to do that is to make learning fun.” said children's librarian Jerilyn Hahn.

STEM skill have been incorporated at the Calloway County Public Library for close to a year.

“We want to provide some activities that will get their minds engaged. You want to be thinking about things, but enjoying them at the same time,” Hahn said. 

Boogie Bots builder Amelia Schweiss said she enjoys learning outside of the classroom.

“Getting to not have to sit down and listen a whole bunch when I get to do my own stuff and make my own things with my own ideas,”  she said.

Hahn said sometimes the children get frustrated if their creation isn’t working like they want it to.

“We had one child today who was having a problem, but his grandmother was helping him in figuring out how to fix it and by the end of it he was thrilled. It was working and doing what it needed to."

She said those moments are gratifying.

"It’s really fun seeing them working through problems and getting it,” Hahn said.

Schweiss said she is "super happy" with what she builds.

“I get to take it home and keep it and play with it. Just hopefully my cat doesn’t bounce on it,” she said.

Hahn said children get the chance to learn life skills, not just STEM, at the library.

“We are adding to what they are learning at school. We are also trying to make it so that kids are aware that it's not just school learning, it’s lifelong learning. It’s things you learn in other places not just school and we want to continue that.” Hahn said.

Brick Builders is the next event incorporating STEM. It will be held at the Calloway County Public Library from 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.