STEM programs and drug treatment courts are moving forward

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JEFFERSON CITY - House Bills 2 and 3 are now waiting for the governor's approval, to take affect in Missouri.

HB2 allows for drug treatment facilities to be an option for criminals with drug offenses. This provides an alternative option for those individuals, which in turn will help them get back to their families faster.

Senator Bob Dixon, R-Springfield, supported this bill and planned to see the results of its success once the governor approves it.

"That circuit can decide what issues that they want to try to address," said Dixon. "One of those possibilities, which we discussed on the floor today, is mental health courts."

Dixon said treatment courts work and the long term success is being able to lift people up and having individuals not being arrested again.

HB3 allows for STEM programs to be available for students in sixth to eighth grades. Students would be shown STEM careers and technology as well. High school students get benefits of the program too.

Senator Doug Libla, R-Williamsville, supported this bill and wanted to have these implemented as fast as possible.

High school students would be able to apply a computer science credit toward a math, science, or some art classes for them to graduate. The program will enhance students' knowledge of STEM careers and be prepared for their future careers.

Governor Mike Parson has to approve both bills before they are implemented.