Stephens College

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COLUMBIA - Stephens College announced it will sell two of its properties to the Hagan Scholarship Foundation.

Hillcrest Hall and the old Stephens College Auditorium will become the new site of Hagan Scholarship Academy.  The foundation helps high achieving students in rural counties in need of financial assistance attend college.

The agreement is contingent upon rezoning both sites to see that the use is strictly for the academy and its activities, or professional office buildings if the foundation does not need the entire space. 

The old Stephens Auditorum and Natatorium has not been used for years, and Hillcrest Hall currently serves as a residential hall for students.

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch said they no longer need the buildings, and wanted to find a buyer that held similar values to the college, and the community as a whole.  "It was so important for us to be sure that the neighborhood that has been so long committed to education and all of the things that go with it would continue to be that type of neighborhood," said Lynch.

The Hagan Scholarship Foundation plans to raze both buildings in 2013, and begin construction of the new Academy and Foundation offices within the next year. The proposed Academy will have dormitories, classrooms, and administration facilities that serve high-achieving upper-level high school students.