Stephens College celebrates women empowerment through art

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COLUMBIA — Stephens College hosted its first "Fallopian Fest" Saturday. 

Stephens College student and one of the directors of the festival Lauren Douglas said the main focus of the event is to merge art and feminism and give women artists the chance for their voices to be heard. 

Artists sold everything from jewelery to candles and home decorum. There were also women who gave testimonials, shared poetry and sang. 

"We have women selling artwork that they made by hand from their Etsy shops and other women singing about women empowerment," she said.

Douglas said the event is more than just about art, it's a current reflection of the world. 

"Art is a way we hold a mirror up to the world and show everyone what it looks like," she said. 

Douglas said one of the main goals of the art festival is to educate the public. 

"Moving forward we'd like to combat sexism and violence against women in any way possible," she explained. 

All the proceeds from the art festival go to True North, a program based in Columbia that helps victims of sexual and domestic abuse. 

Stephens Graduate and one of the artists, Charisa Slenker said the event is important for the community. 

"It's really interesting to hear everyone's stories," she said. "They are encouraging other women and I think it's really empowering for the community."

Douglas said even though she's happy with the impact the event is making, there will be one slight change for next year's festival. 

"We are changing the name of the event next year to be trans inclusive," she said. 

Douglas said the committee received some complaints about the current name for the festival but she is glad it was brought to her attention. 

The event lasts from noon-5 p.m.