Stephens Sorority Haunts Campus to Fundraise

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COLUMBIA - Stephens College's Sigma Sigma Sigma chapter hosted its annual haunted campus tour Tuesday.

Community members came for a night of spooks and Stephens history. Tri Sigma president Michelle Niewald said the event is a fundraiser for the chapter's national philanthropy.

"All benefits are for the Robbie Page Foundation which provides play therapy for sick children in hospitals," Niewald said.

Chapter members said they raised around 400 dollars last year and set a goal this year to raise more. Members said the total won't be in until the event is over because people can still buy tickets tonight.

Niewald said the event has had good turnout in the past and said the community can expect a family friendly experience for less money than other haunted houses.

"People can get the haunted house experience here without having to pay as much as other haunted tours," Niewald said. "We encourage the community to bring their families for the fun."

The tour leads people throughout Stephens campus and through buildings with haunted histories. Niewald said her freshmen year she had her own haunting experience.

"Legend has it that there are blue maidens who go around Stephens and tuck girls into bed because it was originally a finishing school," Niewald said. "I had this vivid dream around 5 a.m. one morning that I was being rolled over and when I woke up I was on my back and felt like someone was pressing down on me."

The tours run from 7 to 11 p.m. Tuesday and start at Roblee Hall.