STL arrest in CoMo

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COLUMBIA - St. Louis officers arrested a suspect that was on the run in a duplex on Sears Court in Columbia on Friday.

Authorities from St. Louis said they couldn't make a lot information public as the investigation is ongoing. However, an officer confirmed arresting a suspect who was hiding in Columbia.

He also said the suspect has multiple warrants for his arrest, but did not specify what the charges were.

A resident living in the other side of the duplex said they were in bed at the time of the arrest and saw more than one person detained. Authorities did not comment when asked to confirm multiple arrests.

The same resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told KOMU 8 News they didn’t notice authorities were at the building until they heard a door being kicked in.

They also said the suspect from St. Louis tried running away, but was quickly caught.

The Columbia Police Department assisted in the arrest.