Store owner talks day after Christmas sales

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COLUMBIA - Christmas is over and shoppers headed back to the stores either for returning items or shopping for new ones. Many businesses in Columbia held day-after-Christmas sales. 

Elly Bethune, owner of Elly's Couture downtown, said sales in the month of December have been great. 

"Our foot traffic the first week was a little bit down," Bethune said. "The second week, I think with the weather being so nice, people finally started kicking themselves into spirit, because it wasn't very cold outside." 

Bethune said she thinks the warmer weather helped raised foot traffic in downtown Columbia. 

"Leading up to Christmas was excellent," Bethune said. "Actually, this morning right at 10 a.m., I had people lined up [for me] to open up, because it's our huge annual 50 percent off store wide sale." 

Bethune said this year, as compared to years past, her store is up in sales. She believes with the weather being really nice this month of December, people are actually walking around downtown. The boutique owner also said she hasn't carried a huge inventory of sweaters this year. 

"I kept waiting to order sweaters and heavy jackets and stuff like that," Bethune said. "I did it more towards the end, because, I know, it will get a little bit colder maybe in January and that's still, obviously, a hot item to buy just for someone for Christmas, but, it was funny, my inventory as far as what I was carrying in the store was definitely changing, but our sales were up." 

Bethune said her shop has always run a big sale the day after Christmas and knows her customers always look forward to that. She also said with it being rainy today, she thinks it really helps people get out of the house and a little motivated. 

"Some people get money for Christmas and it's always a fun day just to kind of go out and shop," Bethune said.