Stores and Shoppers Prepare for Storm

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COLUMBIA- Parking lots at all the major grocery stores were full Monday night as shoppers raced to make sure they had the essentials before the next round of winter weather Tuesday.

KOMU 8 News tried to get into HyVee and Walmart but was not allowed to film inside either store or in the parking lots.  The parking lots were extremely full and while we were inside each store, the lines were five to six people long each.

In Save-A-Lot, KOMU 8 News was able to film and talk to a few customers.  

John Pagano, a Fed Ex driver in Columbia, wasn't very worried about stores running out of things.

"No, every body always makes that mad rush, but the stores always seem to, you always seem to find what you need, Pagano said. "As long as you have the basics, milk, eggs, bread, you can make ends meet."

Save-A-Lot saw record sales the past two days.  Assistant manager Anthony Plogger said preparing for the storm has been very unpredictable.

"We run out of a lot of typical items people need," Plogger said. "Toilet paper, necessities, we've run out of milk a couple of times, bread runs pretty good.  The essentials are what runs out when people are trying to prepare for the storm."

Lavonda Carter was shopping in Save-A-Lot to stock up her house for the storm.

"I have a house full of boys, and they eat a lot," Carter said. "I'm coming in to get the fruits and the vegetables, enough food to last approximately three days."

"I'll get some candles and batteries in case the electricity goes out, and other than that, I'm gonna get me some chocolate," Carter laughed.